Tuesday, October 07, 2003

technical difficulties
So, let's say your answering machine, coffee maker, and wireless keyboard all break down in the same week. Which of the 3 objects do you think got me out of the house and running around town finding a new one? Of course, the fancy schmancy wireless keyboard replacement that I was oggling late last night (I could still do some minor internet surfing, thankgod) was going for 99 bucks at the local store, and the cheapest keyboard they had, with a wire, was 20 bucks. So I then went to Staples, and found a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for 20 bucks.

When I got home, and tried to follow the installation instructions, the mouse isn't working. I checked the batteries, and the instructions, and it gives you this whole set of stuff you need to do to install some of the new features, all of which require a mouse to click on stuff! I stuck the old mouse back in the P.C., and at the moment, i have my old wired mouse, and this new, not-as-nice-as-the-old-one keyboard. phewww!

I also managed to get a new coffee maker. The carafe of my old one mysteriously got a big chip out of the carafe, and as most home coffee drinkers know, the replacement carafe always costs nearly the same $$ as a whole new coffeemaker. But the old one is from 2 boyfriends ago, so I don't feel so bad spending the 12.49 at Kmart for the new one (and what's with the coffee makers being in Kmart's Kitchen Korner, couldn't they have avoided that last K?)