Friday, October 31, 2003

Who Knew?



"You are there as eleven good looking young studs shoot load after load of white hot cum across your screen""

Directed by: Kennith Holloway (1986)
Starring: Cory Monroe, Dave Simms, Jeff Bentley, Jim Bataglia, Mark Matthews, Mike Ram, Sergio Canali, Shadow Joyce, Shane Michaels, and Terry Long; plus, in "non-sex" roles: Gene Morgan, Hollywood Moose, and the inimitable Mark Edwards (who you may remember from Job Site and Making It Huge).

If you've ever seen a porno video that uses Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax relentlessly, you've seen a Kenneth Holloway movie. Actually, much like his Job Site, ths one has a playful plot. Here some old guys devise a magic love potion that they use on Halloween, enabling them to look young and attractive so that they can score with the hot young studs they've been lusting after. I strongly suggest you crank the sound on this clip, and let everyone in the office enjoy the hilarious voice over. The guy is amazing!