Tuesday, June 05, 2001

6:30 a.m. phone call

well, maybe i was dreaming, cuz while I don't remember the phone ringing, I was sort of aware of my answering machine playing this cool bit of music, Edony that some cute blogger had mentioned a few weeks back. So, I got up, made some coffee, listened to the birds chirping in the garden next door, felt the warm sun and cool breeze come into my apartment. Nothing amazing, just real peaceful, relaxing. Last night, learned how to do an I-frame on my web page (actually was real easy, no idea why I waited). Next up is a pop-up javascript window; some really nice guy sent me the required code, so i just need to focus for a few hours on that...... meanwhile, traded a few pics yesterday with an M4M man, and today, he finally sends a face pic, and I remember him from the old Act-Up days - gee, if only I knew his balls were so nice back then! He already figured out we'd met, but wasn't sure where (i guess I have that semi-familiar, but can't-place-the-face kinda face....) I knew right away. So, trying to preserve my dignity, I continued the flirtation a bit, but without coming out and actually saying, "yeah, I'll do ya" - chances are, if we tried, we'd only wind up giggling and/or weeping, about the "old days"