Thursday, June 28, 2001


rock n roll nigger
this is radio clash
monkey man
one step beyond
mirror in the bathroom
hanging on the telephone
crimson and clover

Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore.

so, he smiles back, and I lean over and say "c'mon, lets do it right here, right now - its pattifuckinsmith! LET'S FUCK!!" He laughs, pets my head, and I thought maybe I was gonna get some. After all, only a few days earlier, he was slobbering on my balls... but, alas, just as I paid for my beer and Mr Strummer screams THIS IS RADIO CLASH FROM PIRATE SATELLITE he's gone.

I wake up. I am lying peacefully I am lying peacefully and my knees are open to the sun. I desire him, and he is absolutely ready to seize me. In heart I am a Moslem; in heart I am an American; in heart I am Moslem, in heart I'm an American artist, and I have no guilt. I seek pleasure. I seek the nerves under your skin. The narrow archway; the layers; the scroll of ancient lettuce. We worship the flaw, the belly, the belly, the mole on the belly of an exquisite whore. He spared the child and spoiled the rod. I have not sold myself to God.