Friday, June 08, 2001

all this useless beauty
ever feel like you're in a Lifetime made-for-tv movie? and you don't notice any of the cute boys walking past you or hanging in the dog run? And women are yelling at children in strollers? And the sun is too hot, and making you sweat in a non-sexy way? And phew, who let that dog crap right there in the sun and didn't clean up after?.........and then, you finish the last 2 paragraphs of that book you've been re-reading, and you smile as you have some cantelope that you've been soaking in fresh lime juice for 2 days. And the sun shifts away from your face, along with a cool breeze. And you open that package from the post office, and its got silly German brightly colored scrubbrushes and you smile broader, and the woman with the kid sees you seeing her, and picks up the child and gives him a big hug, and you find a super-cool tshirt in the box, and then a boy on a bike grins as he slowly rides by and seems to be looking at your bare chest. and you remember that Bjork remixed song that went through your head when you were alone on a hill looking at the Arctic Ocean.

I like this ride, Almost Blue to Get Happy!!in less than 60 seconds....