Monday, June 25, 2001

gay pride, part 1

1am Sat nite I looked thru my box of photos for some pics of friends who aren't around anymore. While there are more, I stopped when i got 4, scanned, cropped, then I was stuck as to what to say. Just seemed too personal (funny, i'm sure later I'll be discussing cocks in my mouth, mouths on my cock, but there's personal, and there's PERSONAL). I figured I'd go for the song-quote-thing, and let it sit til later.

2am showered, played some more queer, disco, whatever songs to get me pumped up for going out at this hour. Funny, bikeless, it's really scarey out there at 2:30 in the morning, especially when you are the only sober person around. And str8 people act SOOOO funny drunk, looking for their cars, their dates, their sense of, made it up to 13th st, and just after getting a SUPERSIZE cheap draft beer, found 2 pals.

4am 2 beers later, some weed, I am walking down ave A with 2 veggie tacos in a bag, one in my face. Gosh, its easier eating them walking than it is while riding the ol' bike. But, alas, all 3 are gone before I even turn left from A onto 6th st. Gee, look at all these BOYS hanging out in front of Wonder Bar - oooh, he's cute, nice.... oh, Dyke, figures..... Haagen Daz didnt stay in the freezer long, and are they showing that same Planet of the Apes thing on AMC again....

7am sun hitting my face, I wake up long enough to get off the couch, turn the tv off, head to the bedroom (anyone in here? phewww, all to myself, what a fuckin' relief!)