Wednesday, June 27, 2001

take your stinking hands off me you damned dirty ape (gay pride, finale)

2 am (ish) very hot, very sweaty. I soon realized the usefulness of these cargo shorts - bottle of water in right pocket, steamed-up useless eyeglasses in left pocket. the first guy, short, slim, naturally smooth, was okay for awhile, but he wasn't oral, just yanking it thru my jock, and soon enuf he says into my ear "let's find a 3rd" - which isn't bad in and of itself, but its not like you could move around much, and besides, he wasn't using his mouth, and didn't seem particularly appreciative of mine, so I didnt't answer, and we soon parted.

soon enough, another. We've slurped at each other before, and don't always when we bump into each other back here, but he was clearly interested, yanking mine out of my shorts real fast. My mouth was slurping up the sweat on the back of his neck as he tried to cram my balls into his goateed face. i reached into his shirt, and felt his familiar hairy torso, drenched, warm, delicious. he came up for air, but only briefly before slobbering all over my mouth, allowing me to taste my own sweaty balls. but i wanted his thick uncut, and managed to position myself fairly safely down there amongst this smothering crowd. actually more air down there, not that i got a chance to breath much. i could see him grabbing another guy as he pressed my head down tighter on him, thrusting in forcefully. my own slobbering spit falling off him and onto my chest, i came up for more mouth. but he went down on this other guy, who grabbed my head and began kissing me hard. real hard.

damn. i like this one, forceful, tasty mouth. and what's this, a sweaty furry stomach? yum. let me cool that off for ya, bud. these balls ain't too bad, either. even before i could think "your turn" he's crouched down, taking it all in. good boy; very good boy! naw, dont worry, we didnt forget our friend, I lean over and take some more of him, then our new friend, alternating my mouth on each, as they mouth-slobber each other. And who's this new guy, down here with me, trying to take some away from me? oooh, nice face, lets see what else he.....ahhhh, when it rains it pours, MORE FUR! hot summer sweaty dark sloppy salty furry .....and such a nice mouth, too. these 2 seem to know each other, but don't actually touch (each other) much.... fortunately, to the benefit of me and my sometime pal. who once again is demanding my mouth on him. and pushing my head down on the other boys, as well.

if only i could take these 3 love-apes home with me