Saturday, June 23, 2001

Boogie Man

"did you hear that John Lee Hoooker died?"
"yeah, a few days ago, right?"
"yeah. I'm really upset about it"
short woman, a stranger, wearing a red baseball cap with the rim torn (or chewed) off, stopped me on the corner of 2nd ave and St Marks to tell me this. then, as we crossed the street together.....
"but you know what? We share the same birthday" and she grins widely, and turns south on 2nd ave.....

a year ago, he won the auction "HAIRY GUY DROPS THE SOAP" He didn't know he was buying soap, he thought he was getting pictures. Well, I didn't send the bar of soap from the pics, but I did send several pics from the series of me experimenting in my bathroom, the first of dozens (if not hundreds) of shots of me acting silly with various bits of clothing draped on my wet body. He had asked several times before, and we planned it twice before, but always the day before, he'd cancel, due to rain. Funny how its storming like crazy today, and today, he doesn't cancel. We meet at Manatus, in the West Village, and I can't believe I am up and awake, and outside my own home, before 11 am! He arrives a few minutes late, says something really nice about me "looking even better in person" Nice guy, we talk about this and that, and he asks about me selling stuff online. I tell him a somewhat abbreviated version of the stalker story, and he is horrified, but laughs at the funny moments as I am trying to see the humor in it all, and telling it to another person I meet thru selling on eBay makes it even funnier to me. I am relaxed, and glad he got me out of the house, and got me to not let one bad (horrible) experience prevent me from being open to a simple breakfast with a nice guy. He was one of my "firsts" - early in 2000, my first few naughty auctions on eBay, and he encouraged me to keep it fun, and bought several things over the following months. I get home, no new message from stalker (yet) today. I had this whole long "blog" ready, with his name, where he works, AOL profiles, how this whole "stalker" thing started, 3 long weeks of stupid phone calls and emails...... ugh....

i guess it just take all kinds of Boogie Men

(note to self: don't let the a-holes turn you into one)