Monday, June 25, 2001

gay pride, part 2

noon(ish) coffee, brewing. computer, warming up. head, kinda lite.

so yeah, it had to be Pet Shop Boys. fer me, gay pride anthems really do have to be by queers. YUP, Sylvester is my standard gay-pride-week annoy-the-neighbors music, plus maybe Pete Sheely's HOMOSAPIEN, and well, I admit it, all day long I wanted to hear the Weather Girl's It's Raining Men (hey, I think these 2 fag hags are queerer than I could ever hope to be!) - and I did, finally at 3am hear some sorta techno version, not what I hoped for, but covered in other men's sweat, trying to find my pants, it was fine - anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Did the petshopboys blogw/picsof pals thing, phone rings, - how can u start gay pride day off without having BRUNCH with a few fellow was good, the boys invited me to go with them, but, alas, this is definately a day for this solo boy to be SOLO...

3 pm after hitting several stores in search of Lithium (batteries, that is) I get to 5th Ave, can't get close enough, too crowded, so I just go around several barracades, walk into the street, and Officer Friendly attempts to help me back onto the sidewalk - thinking quickly, I tell him I'm with the Yale contingent (yeah, right!), and he turns to the Parade, and says: "well, you better hurray!" and lets me pass. Soon enough, I am with some loud obnoxious float, with 18 hairless boy-men, 2 clipped men, and some QUEEN trying to look and sound like Cyndi Lauper (believe me, I was not the only one ASS-uming it wasn't her - I must've been asked 10 times, and yes, it was her!). fine, I'm on 5th ave, disco-blasting, people waving and shouting, what more could I want?

4 pm it hit me just as we were crossing 7th ave. Cindi Lauper trying to keep that huge red hat on her head (while some thin-hipped hairless boy supported her at the hips) singing something with a huge bass drum effect; and this 70+ year old black woman all dressed in white, including a white newspaperboy hat, a cane, and colorful beads, dancing alone in the middle of it all; thousands of
sponge-worthy men; people dancing on their balconies (for you out-of-towners, that's pronounced: FIRE ESCAPE), on-duty cops laughing and moving their hips just a bit..... . YUP, I usually DO hate the stereotype - "You people sure give good parties" - but yeah, that it was its about. Simple. we want to do what we want. whatever that is, and no one should say its wrong, or bad, or illegal. Dancing Fucking Working Babyraising Shopping Cocksucking. Whatever. "we're here, we're queer"... you know the rest...