Saturday, June 30, 2001

mother may i sleep with danger

So, another Saturday nite (and please don't hum that Cat Stevens song!), and while i am definately NOT a Tori Spelling fan, i am semi-addicted to Lifetime made-for-tv female-in-danger movies. Pizza (the Larry Tate - spinach, ricotta, tomato) , a beer ( Rolling Rock) not open yet) and some psycho falling in love with Tori Spelling after bashing to death his last girlfriend, who needs Bars, Boyfriends, or Backrooms???

If they didn't keep playing that music, you'd never know the guy was a psycho! (Well, I guess seeing him beat to death the first girlfriend with a cutting board might clue you in.) Well, i see its raining, and i hate riding the bike in the rain, so I dont feel so bad about being a boring shut-in on a saturday night (although sniffing some dead cow carcasses in the back area of The Lure does have some appeal). Time to open the beer.