Monday, June 18, 2001

I take just two hits, then put it out. Look around, too dark to see, but the guy near me seems to be looking my way. Can't really see him, similar build to mine, a vest, i think. He rests his hand on my thigh, then a slight massage. I know I should do something back, I hate guys that don't "reciprocate". So my hand goes on top of his, gently entwining with his fingers, and he continues massaging. I put my hand on his chest, prominent nipples, one pierced, both chewable. I reach down, he's already unzipped. I reach in, he's a big boy. A big boy with big balls. Big shaved balls. What a shame. Still, he's real meaty, and i'm real hungry. slurp slurp slurp. Soon i'm on my knees, old beer bottles on the floor jabbing at me, legs behind me pushing past me. Soon he's standing, thrusting into my face, holding my head tight. Slurp slurp, pulling on his aforementioned nipples. Then he goes on his knees, pulls my shorts, my jock down, grabs my balls and cock with one hand, slurps at me while his other hand goes under me, gently. Pulling, slurping, poking, pulling, slurpng, poking. We do this for awhile, the air gets thicker, hotter, sweatier. Some guy sits half on me, I move over, he moves back on me, I move again, he grabs me. I pull up my jock, my shorts. I whisper to my nippleboy: "i'm getting some air, some beer". He pulls his clothes back on, I walk out, he follows. I go to the bar. At this point, I am done. I mean, I want more beer, I want more smoke, I want more loud music. I might even want more backrom. But I make the fatal mistake, I ask what he's drinking. Its not that I don't like him, but I'm not going home with him.

I got what I needed, i was desired