Saturday, June 09, 2001

looking out my window i see one of the many boys in the neighborhood who i would gladly promise my undying love and devotion to, who always looks right thru me and I figure it must be the drool that they can't bare to look directly at. but i look out the window, and there he is, smaller but tighter, firmer build than me, tanner, more hair on his head, but less on his chest than me, (but a really good mix), and he's around my age, maybe 4 or 5 years older (yum) and I see him all the time and sometimes smile at him and he never ever acknowledges my existance and why do i forgive that just because he's handsome? so, looking out my window, he's sitting there, 4 floors below, in the garden, with several women and maybe one or two other guys, and he's wearing a dago-tee, and i can see his cleavage and I figure from up here he can't purposely ignore me cuz he doesn't know i'm staring. heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.