Saturday, June 02, 2001

still hung
over, that is, well, not really, I mean, my head doesn't ache, it just doesn't work quite yet. so, since the brain can't function yet, and there's yet another call from the date-who-wasn't-a-date on my machine this morning, and the caffeine is remarkably ineffective, let me give you a few other blogs to go look at (well, at least I'm getting over my fear that you'll discover other, better looking and more interesting web-mates).

living proof
- not only is he cute as heck, but he sent me some really good advise about streamlining my navigation, and when a cutie tells me to do something.....

jocko homo
yup, another handsome one, but who cares about that - his name alone gets him to 1st base - but more important than looks, check out his turntable/playlists - amazing, varied taste!

tin man handsome, HAIRY , and he reads Supreme Court dissenting opinions! slurp!

just remember to cum back to me!