Wednesday, January 02, 2002

ahhhhhhhh, 2001. I'm still achey and headachey from this cold that will only 1/2 materialize, but I did manage to put up a few pics (stills) from some videotaping last summer. None of these guys wanted their faces to be recorded, so I was only allowed to tape when I was slurping on them (aww shucks, but, I had to do it for my art). If you don't want to see me acting all sleazy, don't look. Otherwise check out auditions for all 5 "encounters" - if you've seen 'em before, and just want to go to the new page, here ya go....boy #5 (that's him to the right, a dancer).

later, if I can find some 1/2 and 1/2 that doesn't taste like cheese, I'll pump up on some caffeine, and attempt some thank-you's to some really great folks who made my holidays just fantastic!