Saturday, January 12, 2002

Pic-stealing is the highest form of....

On a certain NYC M4M4SEX website, this guy is using my pic! The small pic above (click for the larger version) is me. He's using that pic along with his ad:

I'm a 35yo 5'11" 185# hot husky hairy regular irish guy, 32"-34"w 44"c 15"b 7" dick cut thick, hairy balls & ass. I'm lookin for other regular hairy guys, into j/o, sucking (give and take), fucking (80% bottom), groups, water sports, public sex.

I took the pic maybe 18 months ago, wearing Doc Marten's, and nope, not a jockstrap - look closely and you'll see it's a Calvin Klein string brief (yeah, I know, ewww). Anyway, I sold the underwear on eBay awhile back, and submitted this pic to the PORK website around the same time. Briefly I replaced Donnie Russo as their pic of the month, but unknowingly got entered into some "Cock of the Month" contest (kinda unfair, since I'm not really showing much cock, now am I?). Needless to say, I didn't win the contest, but that's where this guy must've taken the pic from. I'm no longer a member of that "dating service", so I had to ask a pal to ask the guy to stop using my pic. He hasn't. If you happen to be a member of M4M4SEX, feel free to say hey to the guy - his name is dan69nyc. His "private" pic is the one to the left, lying on his tummy, waiting for "it", I guess.