Saturday, January 19, 2002

.......if only that guy last night had those concentric rings, I would've known what to do..........

Hopelessly oral, I figured I should read up on this whole anal thing. From the 1970 Guidebook to Sexual Positions Between Consenting Adult Males the chapter on "Anal Coitus" states: "many people have an anal fixation that they retained from childhood. After so many years, depending on the age of the subject, of course, it becomes more difficult to remove such urges from the libido of the individual. Thus, the person with such an aberration should, rather, learn to live with it!" It goes on to state: "For those who prefer this method, it is important to study the postitions in this chapter, for they will make for a more enjoyable relationship."

"In this crouching-leaning-back position, we see the aggresspr leaning back while the passive partner becomes the aggressor after he has been entered. It is he, then, who must provide the backward and forward movement while the other partner remains immobile."

"This reverse-entry postion is not recommended for older partners, the obese, or those with physical conditions which do not permit such gymnastics."

I think I'll be sticking to blowjobs.