Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Gutterboy [10:53 PM]: damn I wish you were into raunch bj
BJland [10:59 PM]: hey man
BJland [10:59 PM]: naw, just old-fashioned blowjobs
Gutterboy [10:59 PM]: yeah, I need a bj bad, just don't want to shower first
BJland[11:00 PM]: hehe
Gutterboy [11:00 PM]: I think you're a really sexy fucker
BJland [11:00 PM]: well, thanks....
BJland [11:01 PM]: but I do like crotches to be (relatively) fresh....
Gutterboy [11:01 PM]: what about my pits? showered today before the gym
BJland [11:01 PM]: ........at least on a first date
BJland [11:01 PM]: well, i'm not a "generic aroma" guy
BJland [11:02 PM]: i've enjoyed the smell of specific guys, but i'm not one to just look for some smell, if that makes sense
Gutterboy [11:02 PM]: my musky pits has been getting me worked up all night
Gutterboy [11:02 PM]: I understand
Gutterboy [11:03 PM]: can you travel?
BJland [11:04 PM]: was actually close to shutting down for the night
BJland [11:04 PM]: seinfeld, etc.....
Gutterboy [11:05 PM]: ok, was going to offer to shower if you wanted to cum over
BJland [11:05 PM]: i feel honored!
Gutterboy [11:06 PM]: woof!