Friday, January 25, 2002

While I knew the going-for-a-ride-on-my-bike idea may well, after 5 minutes, turn into a hunt-for-cock, or a late-night-beer, or a pot-smoking-and-eating-everything-in-sight night, I didn't, however, anticapate that I'd do all of it. COCK; check. Bike ride to lower Manhattan with Vespertine on the walkman, cold cold wind in my face and a rush of seemingly unrelated, powerful emotions while getting lost amongst the empty streets down there, check. Beer at 3 am, getting kicked out of The Phoenix after closing, and showing Bjork videos to a pal and smoking more dope at, check. Waking up at noon and him calling his boss to say he's running late, me making coffee..............ugh.

um, here, it's kinda groovy, it's just the original version of Bjork's Aurora with some of the backing tracks somehow stripped off. bjork_acappella_aurora (sorta).