Thursday, January 03, 2002

from the "I'll never get a boyfriend on AOL" department

SkYYboy4U [4:46 PM]: hi there
BJland [4:54 PM]: hey man
SkYYboy4U [4:54 PM]: how ru?
BJland [4:54 PM]: not bad, and you?
SkYYboy4U [4:55 PM]: trying to stay warm.......hanging out.....need to shower/shave....putting it off LoL
BJland [4:57 PM]: hmmm
BJland [4:57 PM]: sounds like we are in the same boat
BJland[4:57 PM]: but i'll definatley skip the shave
SkYYboy4U [5:00 PM]: LoL u can do that........I gotta shave so it's easier to get ready 4 work...........I cant read youre profile....the background is messing with my screen......old computer here
BJland [5:00 PM]: hmmm
BJland [5:01 PM]: just grey background
SkYYboy4U [5:05 PM]: I can see the link & also see the unshaved balls part....but I just shaved mine
BJland [5:05 PM]: hehe
SkYYboy4U [5:07 PM]: where ru?
BJland [5:07 PM]: lower east side
BJland [5:07 PM]: 41, 5'8, 140 hairy, bald
SkYYboy4U [5:09 PM]: big fun cock to play with?
BJland [5:10 PM]: on me?
BJland [5:10 PM]: i guess it can be fun at times
SkYYboy4U [5:10 PM]: D&D free?
BJland [5:10 PM]: oh, i dont know, man
BJland [5:11 PM]: i usually charge for that

(and yes, his profile said flight attendant)