Monday, January 28, 2002

Seriously, it was an amazing TV show. I would've loved so much to have one of those huge-ass big-screen tv's, ya know? I don't think I've ever shouted HOLY SHIT and OH MY GOD so many times in my life (not whilst alone, anyway). 2 hours of the first 4 hours of BLUE PLANET were on last night, and I was in total awe watching those penguins huddle, dive, throw their bodies up out of the ocean trying to get onto those rocks, etc. The Belugas, one of my fave animals (giraffes and lemurs being the others) were of course wonderful, but the polar bear scenes were scarey (yeah, I know, they gotta eat...). Even if you're not an animal freak, the photography was so impressive. And, while quite horrifying, the sequence with the grey whale and her calf migrating up the coast and being attacked by Orcas was breathtaking - I was in tears, of course, hoping for some sort of escape for the calf, but, alas, that didn't happen. I immediately went to the website, wanting to see if a video/dvd was available -30/40 bucks, and not ready yet. I've got to see this show again without commercials, and that stupid logo at the bottom of the screen. Tonight are 2 more hours, and I think all 4 hours are being re-run on Friday.