Monday, January 07, 2002


BayRidgeGUY [7:53 PM]: hi how r u
BJland [7:53 PM]: hey man, doing alright, and you?
BayRidgeGUY [7:53 PM]: ok,i'm 26; would you like to trade a face picture?
BJland [7:54 PM]: sure
BayRidgeGUY [7:54 PM]: sent
BayRidgeGUY [7:55 PM]: nice, u like?
BJland [7:55 PM]: yup
BayRidgeGUY [7:56 PM]: trade x ?
BJland [7:56 PM]: sure
BayRidgeGUY [7:57 PM]: sent

BayRidgeGUY [7:58 PM]: very nice, i'm 8", u?
BJland [7:59 PM]: about 7-1/2
BayRidgeGUY [8:00 PM]: very nice, i love your hairy bush! trade more x ?
BJland [8:01 PM]: sure, i think i have another
BayRidgeGUY [8:02 PM]: sent!
BayRidgeGUY [8:03 PM]: oooh i wanted to see your hairy bush; it turns me on!!
BayRidgeGUY [8:03 PM]: what are u looking 4?
BJland[8:04 PM]: short term or long?
BJland [8:04 PM]: (just teasing you)
BayRidgeGUY [8:04 PM]: u prefer dating or sex?
BJland [8:05 PM]: preference is for both
BJland [8:06 PM]: but ya cant always wait for someone whos "dateable"
BayRidgeGUY [8:06 PM]: i prefer both as well ;) u hiv poz or neg?
BJland [8:07 PM]: been awhile since i checked -
BJland [8:07 PM]: for hook-ups, i ALWAYS act as if my partner is poz
BayRidgeGUY [8:07 PM]: how long?

BayRidgeGUY [8:08 PM]: u there?
BJland [8:08 PM]: yup
BayRidgeGUY [8:09 PM]: how long since last hiv test?
BJland [8:09 PM]: i'm a LOT older than you , so I dont take personal discussions like this lightly
BJland [8:09 PM]: for AOL hook-ups, everyone should act as if they're partner is POZ, and then do only what yer comfortable with
BJland [8:10 PM]: me telling you a test was taken 2 months, 2 years ago doesnt really give you a guaranteee that you should, or shouldnt act sanely
BayRidgeGUY [8:10 PM]: i think i know what you're "indirectly" saying.
BJland [8:10 PM]: i think i am being very direct,
BJland [8:11 PM]: a POZ result is forever, a neg test is only as good as months before the test was taken
BayRidgeGUY [8:11 PM]: i dont know why u wont answer a question...
BJland [8:11 PM]: and therefore, unreliable
BayRidgeGUY [8:12 PM]: your answer would put me at ease.
BJland [8:13 PM]: about what?
BayRidgeGUY [8:13 PM]: when u tested last?
BJland [8:13 PM]: why would that make you feel better, i dont get it
BayRidgeGUY [8:14 PM]: i work long hours, i dont have time to "philosophize" over a simple question.
BJland [8:14 PM]: gotcha
BayRidgeGUY [8:15 PM]: will u answer?
BJland [8:16 PM]: u just said you didnt have time for this,
BayRidgeGUY [8:17 PM]: whats your phone number? obviously IM doesnt work here.
BJland [8:18 PM]: i think we are just at an impasse, you want info from me without explaining WHY
BJland [8:18 PM]: and i dont like the question because i feel it is too simplistic for a complex issue
BJland [8:18 PM]: well, at least ya made me laugh...
BayRidgeGUY [8:19 PM]: so???
BJland [8:20 PM]: well, if the answer to your question makes the difference to you about
BJland [8:21 PM]: continuing a conversation or meeting, i can tell we wouldnt get along, thats all - just different
BayRidgeGUY [8:22 PM]: trade #s and hang out as friends? (i'm assuming you're HIV+ unless i hear otherwise.)
BJland [8:24 PM]: sorry, that wouldnt work for me, i dont decide the TYPE of friend someone will be based on their hiv status
BayRidgeGUY [8:25 PM]: bye