Friday, January 18, 2002

What's that on your head?

A wig
Wig. Wig. Wig
Sally's gotta wig
Ricky's gotta wig
Baby's gotta wig
Kate's gotta wig
Fred's gotta cheap toupee
Keith's gotta big bouffant on
We all got wigs, so... Let's go!

The B-52's 25th Anniversary Show Feb 4th, 2002 Irving Plaza, NYC!!!!!!! (Boy's in bikinis, Girls in surfboards, Everybody's rockin', Everybody's fruggin')

While the actual 25th anniversary of their first gig would actually be Feb 14th, this works for me! Big wet smooches to Jeff for getting the tickets this morning. I can still remember being in a dorm room in Mobile, Alabama (1980), smoking out of a bong with a bunch of friends, and I mentioned that the 2nd album had just come out. They all made me run across campus to grab my copy, and when I returned, they passed Wild Planet around like it was an heirloom (everybody had matching towels). Finally, someone with a few brain cells left pulled the vinyl out and plopped it on the turntable, and yes, starting the album off with Party Out of Bounds was a great idea, cuz we all jumped up and didn't care that we all danced like shit, we danced anyway (we did all 16 dances). And a couple years later, while dating a hairdresser (Cause tonight's the night We make love, under a stobe light) who's best friends were all drag queens at the local gay club, The Hard Act, usually I was bored to tears with all the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"s and shit like that. But one night, one of them came out on stage with this huge bouffant hairdo, tight hotpink leopard-print mini dress, and the hugest high-heels, furiously strutting all over the stage lipsyncing to "Give Me Back My Man" - Holy Fuck! I went out of my mind hooting and hollering, and the best part, the crowd was blown away, clapping and screaming at the end! Before this, my boyfriend's drag queen friends sorta just tolerated me, the college boy, but after all my gushing over the preformance (and many drinks later), we got along much better. Oh gosh, I remember one time going down to Gulf Shores, and they all had tube tops on.... oh man! I'll save that for another time.

Meanwhile, here's a very groovy remix of Planet Claire