Monday, January 14, 2002

last night.... well, yes, there was sex. and some weed. and that bar that charged $3.00 at the door, and had 14 people in it, if you count the doorman, the bartender, and the deejay, and the only guy who came in after me, but left within 10 minutes. Funny, on Thursday night, The Hole had a line 1/2 a block long, but I guess Lady Bunny's 1979 night just hasn't taken off. It was so dull, even she didn't show up! So, after several interminably long disco-songs, I am-scrayed out of there. Just as I'm unchaining the bike, the pair of leather-clad cuties from The Hole came out, but, alas, it wasn't to grab me, but to smooch some more before hopping into a cab. So, rather than spend more money on beer or going all the way uptown to The Cock (10 blocks, 2 avenues), I found my bike chaining itself up outside Bijou 82.

Inside, 10 dollars later, strolling the hallways, I saw a guy I've seen online alot, we'd chatted breifly, but each didn't want to go to the other's neighborhood. Definately in the Daddy department, muscled, thick, over 50, and shirtless, his "lick my nipples" chest exposed. I gave it a few rounds around the place, getting myself warmed up, and by about the 4th pass, he had his door half-closed, but enough to see some fairly thick meat getting stroked out of his 501's. While I was not quite ready, he was definately pretty good warm-up material, so once it was clear he was interested (you know, pointing his cock outward, meeting my eyes, then looking down at his own dick), I went in. No hellos, just a quick grab and pull on body parts, we seemed to like what the other offered, and shut the door. It was alright, and I had on one of my rattier t-shirts for pulling back down over my cum-covered chest when he was through.

OH YEAH, and the guy who I'd describe more as boy; late 20's, husky, shaved head, tattoos, real cute face. I got to him later.