Sunday, January 27, 2002

The phone rings, and it's the cockring guy. No, not a guy who wears them, but the guy who makes them, and sells them; he'll be here late tomorrow afternoon, hopefully with some red leather ones (I'm thinking Valentine's Day, not that it will affect me other than 1/2 price chocolate on Feb 15th....) So, knowing I had a post half-done from last night, I realized I had no energy to finish it up just yet. Coffee, mmmm, it's coming, and then I realized, KEEE-RIST! I NEVER HAVE SEX ON THE WEEKENDS. I don't have some great Saturday Night sex story to share, just some porn-movie soundtrack research I was doing til 3 a.m. So, rather than get my knickers in a twist over my lack of weekend sex (What the hell was I dreaming about, why am i using stupid English expressions?), I'm just gonna surf around the blogboys while I wake up, and eventually head out to brunch with a pal (he's married, but he promised to leave the BF home so we could talk about..... about what? I don't remember).

But this is amusing, remembering that this guy had promised 10 Inch cocks a few days back, I found the bookmark, and was shocked to read, not only does he mention only one ten-incher, but, apparently, this guy with the cool new design has been celebate for 2 years! (See, it's so shocking I can't even spell it!). At 30, I figured Mr Froot would be too young for one of my blogcrushes (although several thousand miles away is usually the main criteria), but looking at the fine print, I see he's got greying hair - yummmmmmmmmmm! Can you imagine having sex with someone who hasn't done it for 2 years? Oh gosh, while on the one hand it could be really great, all that pent-up energy, but then, on the other hand, I suffer from terrible performance anxiety no matter who I am with, can you imagine having to live up to "I HAVEN'T DONE IT FOR 2 YEARS, YOU BETTER BE GOOD"??? yikes!