Thursday, May 16, 2002

Who doesn't like a nice 12-incher, right? I can't find the one I purchased yesterday, but my stereo receiver broke about a year ago, so I can't play it anyway. However, while I am still digesting a really fantastic day yesterday, and sipping my coffee this morning, someone somewhere posted a few lyrics from The The's Uncertain Smile which, of course, is one of the best songs of the 1980's. And then I went through the stacks (my stacks) to find my 12-inch version of the song, which I couldn't play, but could merely admire, and hold, and stroke (the sort of thing we all like to do with our 12-inchers), and then went to audiogalaxy for some serious hunting - and - YEAH!!!! I found this very same version, which my untrained ears seem to think has a fantastic xylophone (which I am probably misspelling, anyway) instead of the album-version piano, and I am a very happy camper blasting it now - and of course, i love to share, so here's the 12-inch 10-minute AWESOME version of Uncertain Smile from The The.

Crank It!