Saturday, May 11, 2002

Not surprisingly, I've already abandoned my "learning-to-be-a-top" plans for this evening. This fantastic video from 1974 arrived in my mailbox today, the uncut, uncensored version of Jack Deveau's Drive. I was very fortunate, the eBay seller actually contacted me after he put it up for sale, I guess he had Googled for info on the film, and found my website - I had just recently acquired the BIJOU video version of the video, but, alas, like they do with all their Hand In Hand titles, they blur out any fisting or other "controversial" footage. Quite annoying! And the opening sequence was also blurred, so seeing Arachne's red-painted fingernails grab someone's cock and slice into it, with blood oozing out, well, obviously I was in 70's story-driven-porn heaven! Will obviously update my blurb on the film now that i have the full version to focus on tonight - this might even call for some Two Boots Pizza!
The title refers both to the male sexual drive and to the fact that the hero of the movie is always tooling around Manhattan in a Lamborghini; and a villainess drag queen who tries to rid men of their sex drives! Sounds amazing, with a screenplay by Christopher Rage ( who also, in drag, plays the villainess Arachne) with over 50 people in the cast