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Tuesday, May 07, 2002
safe sex?
Several weeks ago, while reviewing some porno tapes for resale, I found one that was supposed to be "controversial". This one, called South Beach Heat, did have it's disturbing elements - for several different reasons. I sell a wide variety of porn videos, and have seen a lot of stuff, and figure, "to each his own" of course. But I also have preferences, and while I joke about disliking everything about Florida, this added another humourous reason to dislike it even more - this silly fag party where EVERYONE is wearing white! I mean, you're all tan, all of you, but you think we won't notice unless we see white tight shirts and white tight pants pulled over your hot tan bodies? But there were other weird elements to this video - and while I don't expect porn to have great plots or acting, those things shouldn't take away from porn's primary purpose - to give you a nice hard-on so you can have a satisfactory whack-off. OK, I'm sure some folks liked the "kinky artist" scene, where they splattered red paint all over each other while doing "it"; and maybe the so-called "controversy" over the barebacking muscleboy boyfriends got some others off (whatever you're opinion of barebacking, watching it isn't unsafe); but the badly done Andrew Cunanan plot, where the perspective seems to be to pity him, and cringe in disgust at the 10-seconds with the Gianni Versace look-alike (um, did I miss something, who killed who?) - but then they have this weird outdoors faux voodoo sex-scene, and well, take a look at the clip, and tell me - I know that this scene is supposed to be safe sex, after all , the "top" is wearing a condom, but, um, the "bottom" is, well.....