Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I'm often turned off by blogs that go on and on about TV shows, but clearly I have my faves that I write about, or at the very least, arrange my teeny tiny social schedule around. Found myself saying no to possible get-togethers 3 times this week because of season finale mania - Simspons, or course; and Boston Public (disappointing, but still I just had to see if the idiot who confronted the murderer last week with "i'm calling the police now" lived or died), and The Practice - ugh, what a lame ending, and it can only be rescued if next season it turns out to be some sort of dream thing ala Dallas (which I never watched, but i think the JR thing was a dream, right?). Anyway, tomorrow night has 3 MUST SEE shows - the final new show from the SIMSPONS for the season, and the season finales for West Wing and my 2nd-only-to-Simpsons-fave-show Law and Order.

just remember, if you drop by, bring beer, and no talking suring the shows, unless its by me