Thursday, May 09, 2002


OK, so I originally wanted to blog about this postcard I got from the United States Postal Service, and what a good guy I was to follow up on it today and actually bring a small grocery bag full of non-perishables to the post office for the food drive (no, not just to look good, but to encourage others to do it, so, c'mon - DO IT!) And I did bring the bag over, as well as a few packages of porn to ship. And LO and BEHOLD, there was a package for me! WO-HOO! A friend of mine from the West Coast sent a package.

Some background - a few weeks back, she sent me this booklet called Culinary Classics from the Chapel. She works in a thrift store, and this was going to be thrown away, but she found an interesting note in the back of the booklet, apologizing about the back-order of a book entitled Born Again - some Watergate guy who apparently found Christ just as the investigations were heating up. And the little booklet has all these silly meals planned, with a picture of each of the employees who work at this church, and almost every dessert seems to require lemon pudding or 7-Up as an ingredient. In my thank-you email, I told her the booklet was a great laugh, but that she shouldn't be throwing these things out; they're kinda kitsch-y, and who knows, sell them on eBay and make a few bucks. Well, she and her Mom decided they should go thru some old box and send me a bunch. So, this package I get today contains the aforementioned Born Again (mmmm, first edition, any bidders?) plus a bunch of 70's recipe booklets. Titles like Fun with Fryers, My Favorite Honey Recipes (complete with an insert picturing the 1977 American Honey Queen - no, not me!), The Tomato Handbook and this, Cock-A-Doodle COOKBOOK - All About Chicken. So, the first page I open in this book has this charming picture, and being the EVIL HOMOSEXUAL that I am, I am on the floor screaming with laughter!