Wednesday, May 22, 2002

He pulled my head up towards his face, whispering "Let's go take a shower." Having worked up a bit of a sweat, it seemed like a good idea (actually, having gotten very worked up, anything he would've said would've been a good idea). Briefly testing the water for temperature, I climbed in, him behind me. He looked even better wet, and we kissed as I fumbled for the soap. He was suddenly on his knees, his head at my waist. Morning, the sun was bright in the bathroom, and the shower's water was spraying against me, and bouncing off his head. Short-cropped hair, wet, beautifully sun-lit, his head looked as amazing as his mouth felt - the drops of water bouncing off his head were glistening with the morning's sun reflected on them, my hands pulling at his ears. But I wanted to taste his mouth, and pulled him up. We gobbled each other up, as I grabbed his balls, full, and inviting. My turn, I tried to postion myself so that I wasn't getting the water directly in my mouth. After a few minutes of my face under his balls, drinking in the water as it flowed down his hairy body, we shifted again and giggled at some joke about drowning. Still below him, I pushed his body against the far wall, pointed the shower's head towards his back, and watched the hair pattern form a v-shape down his back, towards where my face was going. I pause, looking, taking this all in, wanting to just gaze at him, but also wanting to dive in and feel him, as well. He tasted good, real good. He groaned, and grimaced, as my goattee struggled to get in as far as possible. We were interrupted again as I found I couldn't breathe, I tried to keep going, but wisely he pulled me up, and we kissed more. Overwhelmed by how good he tasted, how good he looked, I felt giddy as we exchanged small smiles and firm caresses. We only dared to look directly into each other's eyes for a few seconds at a time, but my thoughts were swimming with knowing that this was real good. I liked his looks the first time I saw him, but had gotten a chance to know him a bit before this, before we finally had our night together, him waking up in my bed, us getting frisky, him leading me into the bathroom. I lather up some more, smelling the coffee in the next room, and snap out of my daze, my dreaming about that day.