Sunday, May 19, 2002

I seem to be doing doubles lately - no, not that! I mean, yesterday I had lunch twice, cuz right after I got home from lunch with one pal, another called; and I had eggs NOVA (i wonder if I always eat that when at Bendix cuz of NOVA FILMS, who you may remember produced such great films as Hot Lunch, Brian's Boys, and Little Brother's Coming Out) first, then potato pancakes for the second lunch at Odessa. Today, breakfast at home, then a second breakfast with 3 handsome men (if only I could remember their names ........ ) mmmmmmmm .........grits with real margarine on top!

Last night, just when I was starting to feel bored, lonely, and like a loser, turning channels I found The Deadly Mantis, which I had never seen, and was lucky enough to catch from the very beginning. So I smoked pot, ate everything in sight, fell asleep on the make-shift couch, and was in bed by 12:30.