Saturday, May 25, 2002

Every Elvis has his Army
I so don't want to go out tonight. I hate Saturday nights out, I hate leaving the neighborhood. I hate subways, and I am in a fowl, fowl mood. But I was invited to a party, and I never get invited to nuthin', and I had already invited a pal to go with me, and he's in a similar mood, so you know what they say about company liking , er, well, something. But, meanwhile, since this morning, I decided that there is a different bestest song on Elvis's When I Was Cruel album - such a fantastic love song, 15 Petals - like love itself, the song is messy, and chaotic, and Elvis screams like a madman, and the rhythms are all over the place, and fantastic and wonderful....... really, you should BUY IT; but meanwhile, give this one a listen, and of course, CRANK IT!