Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I've just dropped off 10 packages of porn at the Post Office, hopped on my bike, and am quickly lost in my thoughts again. The new Elvis album is killer, and I've forced myself not to bring it with me this morning, just to give it some air, so to speak. But I start to think how several days ago I found the non-album single he's putting out called Smile, the old Nat King Cole/Charlie Chaplin thingee, and it's such a great version! I mean, it only works for the length of the song, but I do indeed find myself smiling while it's on, and actually (shhh, this is embarassing, since I have absolutely no talent whatsoever) I will actually attempt a little bit of a tapdance/shuffle thing about 40 seconds into the song! So, of course, thinking about this silliness, and turning the corner onto Ave B, and heading north, I'm grinning pretty big. And I get to 4th St., the traffic light turns red, and I stop, as I usually do, and then look across the street, and see this really cute guy that I've had a crush on for several years. He owns/runs a vintage shop - physically he's a cross between an ex boyfriend of mine and Russel Crowe - and I often see him walking his dog. And he's heading right towards me!

"GIVE ME THAT BIKE!" he says, and starts to laugh as he gets within inches of my face. "Hemna, hemna, hemna" I studder in that Ralph Kramden way I have. He continues: "I see you all the time on your bike, and smile at you, but we've never met - in fact, I remember you from Crow Bar, and would often smile at you there, but to no avail" I'm pleasantly puzzled, as I don't really remember him from way back then, but of course am giddy that he remembers me. So I add "Hmmm, I don't remember that, but I do remember you accidentally smiled at me once, as you were opening up your shop, in that hey, hi, oops, I don't know you, why did i smile like that at you kinda smile" and he laughed, then told me his name, I told him mine, then I went on - "you - dog, boyfriend, right?" (do you like the way I slipped that in, trying to get some info so as not to get crushed later on?) He laughed, and said: "dog died, boyfriend still around" So we talked about his dog, who was a real cutie, blah blah, then we shook hands a second time (nice hands, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) as he said he had to run and open up shop, but was glad to finally meet.

Awwww, I'm still smiling as I type this..........