Monday, May 13, 2002

After realizing, half-awake and disappointed, that the hard-on in my hand was my own, I decided it was time to get my day started seriously (as serious as a man who sells porno and dances in his kitchen in his ratty underwear making coffee can be). Yesterday I listened to a great live CD from TOURÉ KUNDA, and so started off today with my fave tune of theirs, Emma. Fantastic song that always gets me moving, and smiling - their official website is in French, but this TOURÉ KUNDA website has lots of info, from when they formed in 1979, to when they last released a single in 2001. A few years back Manu Dibango put out an album called WAKAFRIKA with a surprising good cover of Emma, so of course, now that album is blasting in the kitchen as I prepare to get some work done. (Which usually means food - think the cold weather is getting me in the baking mood). Really, check out both versions of Emma, and I dare you not to smile.