Sunday, August 26, 2001

2 days until Vespertine goes on sale. And BJORK's website keeps getting cooler every day. The "splashpage" has a cool little Flash-enhanced thing going on. While I've been priviledged to have most of the new material on my hard drive, and have been listening to it constantly for over a month already, I can't wait to have the new disk in my hands. I also got my 2 pairs of tickets in the mail for Oct 4th, at Radio City (2 friends and me are slated, plus I have one "extra" for a "very special person" who has yet to materialize - auditions are being held in numerous locations throughout lower Manhattan).

I've already decided my scenario for my "perfect death" - (don't worry, i ain't going anywhere, but lots of folks imagine the music for their memorial service, or where they want their ashes strewn, that sort of thing, so....) anyway, I am on my bike, peddling as fast as my little hairy legs can take me, and my walkthing is playing Bjork's Unison (the last song on the new album). I am getting closer and closer to Gulfoss (remind me to share a pic of myself sitting near the amazing Falls), as the music reaches it's peak, and the final chorus repeats:

let's unite tonight
we shouldn't fight
embrace you tight

and I give that last thrust on the pedals, and going flying into the golden falls, permanently becoming part of one of the most beautiful places on earth