Saturday, August 04, 2001

garbage trucks and tourists

ahhhh, New York in August! I should know better than to go out on a Weekend night, especially in August, but I couldn't sleep. So, around 2:30, I hopped in the shower (why, I don't know, i was heading to a sweaty, cigarette smoke stinky local watering hole), hopped on the bike, and spent enough time to chat with an old roommate, drink 2 beers, and salivate over about 6 different guys (none of whom returnded the favor). So, only moments before those deadly lights went on, I escaped, rode my bike for about 15 minutes to get some much needed exercise, then got a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Man it stinks out there! And the stumbing drunks, what a sight, trying to wave down cabs while smooching with whoever they just met 5 minutes ago (although, one of them yelled out that I was a sexy biker!). So, grocery store, grabbed some Urban Jumble, guaranteed to make the hangover real, real painful - chocolate ice cream mixed with coconut icecream, plus white and dark chocolate chunks, pecans, and roasted almonds.