Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Why am i getting a headcold? ugh! just in time to ruin a date I have for tonight (would've been only my 3rd date of 2001!) He's a frenchmen, nice and hairy, and we've actually had sex twice before. When I emailed him last week, just to say "hey", he emailed back right away, saying "Maybe we could have dinner in addition to sex? We did not meet on M4M4dinner, but what the hell..."? - sounded good to me, but while I think the TheraFlu might get me thru dinner, I might not be that fun when its time for the sex. I think he's one of those guys who goes out of town every weekend, so if I don't see him tonight, I'd probably have to wait a week, if not more....... grrrrr. And yes, he's a nice guy, very affectionate, and perhaps even Bjork-worthy.

The guy I met at the Cock Sunday, well, we spent a lot of time together that night, but, alas, outside, unlocking our bikes, he went on and on (and on and on....) about how while he felt he wanted to exchange numbers, he also didn't feel he wanted the "responsibility" of dating. But he didn't want to "just have sex". I just listened, looking at his handsome face, cute, edible butt, and that splot on my shirt that he "gave" me, thinking "um, I really ain't in the mood for talking someone into seeing me again, but I like your New Yawk accent, so keep talking, handsome....." He said something about preferring to leave it to chance if we see each other again (meaning: "if i see your mouth in the backroom again, I'll be sure to fuck it") but that he thought I was nice, hot, all that, so he feels a bit mixed up (and I'm thinking, "well, when your head and your big, thick, juicy cock figure it out, I'm in the white pages"). Now, I know I may seem a bit shallow, having already pictured him in that seat next to me at Radio City, based just on the fact that he's a fantastic kisser, has a great body, and a rather tasty set of fuzzy balls and quite a challenging appendage (and I LOVE a good challenge!).

But quite seriously, Bjork-worthyness really comes from whether they are affectionate; I eat that shit up. I miss it terribly; the morning kiss on the back of the neck as you get up to make coffee; the quick peck as he gets off the subway at his stop; the snuggle as you laugh at the Simpsons together; and feeling his heart beat as you rest your head on his chest, while his arm is around you, and you dose off once again............