Friday, August 24, 2001


several amazing emails in the past 24 hours. If I havent written you back yet, I will, and thanks!!

But since I've been ORDERED to get out of the house, i'm posting this thing below, then AMSCRA-ING !


naw, don't worry, she's not back. But after posting the piece below, feeling sorry for myself, and unable to sleep, I picked up this old (Dec 1977) Alternate magazine I had just gotten from eBay. I bought it because it had a picture of Fred Halsted on the cover, and promised an article on Sam and Joe Gage. That article was only 2 pages, but quite good. But it had this great pic of Ms Bryant all pie-faced, several articles on the whole pie-throwing thing, and some other cool stuff (Harvey Milk gets elected, music reviews giving Talking Heads 77, Rocket to Russia, and Never Mind the Bullocks 4 stars or more and Saturday Night Fever soundtrack 1 star! HOW COOL IS THAT?)

anyway, seeing that pie in her face, reminding me that at age 16, having just come out to one person, and seeing this bit of hope, these cool fags doing "nonviolent" protest........... ahhhh... anyway, if you want to see the actual 1 minute video, go here, or if you want to read more thoughts about her, (or at least see the old "anita bryant sucks oranges" pin!) go here.