Thursday, August 30, 2001


cynical version: so, the date called yesterday around 6:30 (let's call him Frenchie, its just easier than figuring out a fake name). He casually says "sorry about rushing you off the phone last night (Tuesday), but John and I were having an argument about me dating." hmmmm. I didn't ask (then, at least) and we arranged to meet at a place on Ave B for dinner. But I thought "nice way to slip that in, now at least I know you are involved" - so, not Bjork-worthy?....

So, at 8:30, I see him waiting in front of the restaurant, he had a cute, funnyish walk (in a good way) and he looked good. A few minutes into dinner, I ask something along the lines - "what's the deal with this "john" you mentiioned on the phone?" long story short, he's been seeing this guy pretty much the whole time he's lived in New York (2 years) but he doesn't consider him his boyfriend. Hmmmm, ok..... Then he clarifies - "When I was 23 I met someone, and we have been together since; but he still lives in Paris, and I wanted to take this opportunity here, in New York" So, he's got a 15-year relationship with the "boyfriend" and a 2-year relationship with "john", and here he is, on a date with me, our 3rd time together, but our first time having a meal, a "real date". So, okay, we have a meal, we blow each other, we say goodbye, right?