Monday, August 20, 2001

weird night.

After paying admission, grabbing a beer, and seeing few people in the front of the Cock, I headed to the back. Pitch black. Really - no light at all; I tried to let my eyes adjust, but there was nothing to adjust to. So, heading in, I was surprised by the number of hands on various parts of my body. I guess folks just felt more free to explore since none of us could see each other. I was even more surprised at my body's reaction. Very hard, very fast. Normally, i am real real slow to respond. But this was just the sense of touch, and aroma, without "judging" the source of the touch or smell, that got me hard. But, alas, each guy who grabbed and poked and massaged, got bored rather quickly and moved along. Soon I found myself in an area that had no one in it, a good song came on, so I headed back to the front of the bar (and the light).

Later, when I returned to the backroom, there was lighting, and most guys were much shier. Well, except, unfortunately, the guys I wasn't particularly interested in. But eventually someone came along, slurp slurp, grab grab, but soon his hands, and full attention, were on someone else. While I am not against sharing, I was clearly not invited to share. And this must have happened like 3 or 4 times last night - someone would start off with me - grab grab, slurp slurp - then would soon get distracted, and, apparently, quite enthralled, with someone else!

And then later, some guy I know just from the local bars was back there, and while we sorta tried to keep our distance (the 4-1/2 feet rule) we kept getting dangerously close. Then he said, rather loudly to me, "UGH, no cute guys back here!" I hate when folks talk loudly in a backroom - loud grunts and groans are cool, of course , but just start chattering loudly? naw....... not to mention the obvious perhaps-not-meant-to-be-but-still-insulting "NO cute guys" comment. Oh well, my ankles were sore from the previous day's sunburn, and my regulation boots were starting to take their toll on those ankles, so I hopped on the bike, and watched god-knows-what on T.V. while downing the obligatory 3 am microwave popcorn and 1/2 pint of premium ice cream.