Tuesday, August 07, 2001

After attempting to buy/find the new BJORK single earlier today, I gave up out in this heat. So, I've been spending the day looking at some porn videos I've been meaning to post on eBay. Not satisfied with just doing the old "here they are, buy them" since they are compilation tapes, (called New York's Most Wanted for absofuckinlutely no reason whatsoever!), I'm viewing them to see if I recognize actors, directors, original scene, etc. . I've already spotted Daniel Holt, Scorpio, Keith Ardent, and a great clip from Joe Gage's In the Name of Leather and another from Francis Ellie's fun Michael, Angelo, and David.

Gosh, I remember when the gay porn industry was getting a lot of heat about unsafe sex, profiting from sex but not encouraging safe sex in the movies or "giving back" to the community. Yup, most of them were a-holes, indeed. But there were quite a few performers who did try, like Bruno and Al Parker working in Ward 5B of San Franciso General Hospital, along side Richard Locke who came out of retirement to do live safe sex shows, as well as lectures and massage therapy in the mid 80's. Who can forget that amazing rim job by Al Parker in 1988's Turbo Charge , where he sexily unrolls Saran Wrap onto Justin Cade's ass before burying his face in there. Quite sick at the time, and after having lost his lover, Eric Stryker appeared in the PBS documentary, It Starts With A in 1987, not long before he died.

Can't tell you where I was going with this ... but yeah, I've seen ahelluva lotta porn, and I totally objectified these guys on the big screen, and then on my T.V. set, but I still think how they helped make me feel ok, good, in fact, to be queer, back when I was too young for the bars, but old enough to get into that dark Bijou Theatre on Wells Street in Chicago, sit back, and wonder if I could ever find a guy like Jack Wrangler, or be a guy like Jack Wrangler.....