Saturday, August 25, 2001

I'm super
Thanks for asking
All things considered
I couldn't be better I must say

I'm feeling super
No, nothing bugs me
Everything is super when you're
Don't you think I look cute in this hat

................. seriously, i had a really great day yesterday, with only one teeny thing going wrong (i had cafe con leche at around 9pm, and goddamn, I had the most restless sleep since, well, oh, Wednesday night). But, Ex #1 called, he had the day off, was heading up to MOMA, and asked if I wanted a quick bite to eat. At breakfast, I invited myself along, which he seemed pleased about, and we had a nice day checking out this German architect guy, plus some Picassos, Klimt, a bunch of canvases with cans of soup, etc.

Later, got a call from another pal, and we had a nice leisurely dinner at Bennie's, my favorite local Mexican restaurant (and the aforementioned cafe con leche, yum!). And finally, went to see a film with another pal, and damn, I hate bandwagon jumping, but shit! Hedwig is a fantastic film - just beautiful. Who knew all those queer bloggers could be right? Rather than give you my take on it (I'm still absorving it, actually) I can just tell you that I was just so impressed with everything about this film - character, direction, music, acting, camera angles, just everything! - the story was so interesting and so well-told. blah blah blah. anyway, it wasn't crowded, so see it soon before it goes to video (you have to see it in the theatre!)

i'm supposed to meet some stranger in Union Square in a few minutes, he promised me free porn movies! Gee, could this weekend get any better???