Tuesday, August 21, 2001

why am I hungover? I barely left the apartment yesterday, except to look at the too long line at the post office (and therefore, not picking up what I think is my Jack Wrangler video - Killing Me Softly). No beer, no dope, just bad television, ice cream, oh, yeah, and phone sex. Can phone sex give you a hangover? Well, the guy said he'd call me today - yeah, that and a subway token.........

Meanwhile, surfing around this morning I was surprised to see that my pic is still on Pork's website (the Wednesday night party at The Lure). I sent it in over a year ago, and the next thing I know, they're having a contest of some sort, and then a pal of mine submits his pic.... well, fortunately, neither of us won, so we didn't have to hate each other. But as you look around the site, you'll see they don't update much, but if you guess which one is me, I'll send you a nice prize, K?

oh yeah, I was also downloading all this Village People music; most of which I deleted during the first playback - I was very disappointed that the Japanese version of YMCA turned out to be so fuckin' scratchy (why upload a scratchy song?). It all started after reading this funny Simpson's reference while blogsurfing last night. Reminded me that, at age 17, I actually used to whack off to the back cover of Macho Man ( 3 guesses which Village Person got me hardest!) Even more embarassing, I used to whack off to the back cover of Cat Steven's Catch Bull At Four (hey, that sprinkling of chest hair, the tight black pants, and that beard!). As with most websurfing, I wind up on some crazy hunt for useless information- last night it was trying to find out if the rumors that the Village People actually filmed a commercial for the U.S.Navy was true. I at least found that when they appeared on a Bob Hope special in 1979, that was taped on the helicopter carrier Iwo Jima, which also featured Don Knotts and a 14-year old Sarah Jessica Parker performing something from Annie!!

god! I really need to go look for a job!

til then.....
yvan eht nioj