Friday, August 03, 2001

i think this is where i talk about the guy who I was supposed to have a "date" with, who couldn't even remember who I was when I called to confirm. Sort of an ego-buster, eh? But, having hit the low part of the day early in the evening, when I did go out last night at 2am, I wound up having a nice time. My "new friend" left at 6:30 this morning, poor thing had some sort of board meeting, or whatever it is that working people do on Friday mornings..... I remember some great music, lots of people I hadn't seen in awhile, and my "new friend" is, in fact, not so new. I've known him for many years, more-or-less, as a bar-buddy. We're connected in several ways, each having a closer friend who is the connection - most notably, my most recent ex is an ex of his. Also, he dated a good friend of mine's ex, and I think he dated, briefly, an exfriend of mine, many years ago. So last night, we didn't mention any of that, even having to reintroduce ourselves to each other. (we had been chatting quite a bit before one of us admitted to forgetting the other's name, but neither could remember).

I mentioned that the last time I saw him was 2 years ago, in the same bar, and I was hitting on him. This was my half-assed way of hitting on him again - the old "gee you turned me down way back when" trick, to see if he had any interest. While there was much light body touching and whispered "I love this song"'s, not until a pal of mine offered to buy us drinks, and "new friend" said he'd simply share my Rolling Rock, did I realize I was "in"

Being a typical male, I have no new lines, or new approaches, so when he said "wanna get out of here" and we got to the sidewalk, of course I used the same old line as I was unlocking my bike "Can I ride you home?" He laughed nervously, but with a big smile, so he got on the seat, and somehow I dodged the cabs and potholes, getting us home quickly but safely, and soon we were making out. Great kisser, much better than I had anticipated, and as I started to check out under his shirt, I found a nice surprise. Hairy mutherfucker! I mean HAIRY MUTHERFUCKER!, including his back and shoulders, and he smelled great, intoxicating, even! I won't go into details about the sex (who cares about that, anyway?) but after quite a bit of wrestling around on the futon, we collapsed, and it seemed like we were gonna snuggle up and catch some sleep. Here is the dangerous part.... he felt real good sleeping right there, arms wrapped around me, snoring lightly, head tucked in my neck, the smell of sweat, and hair, and tobacco, making me a little higher than I already was.....

When he got up to leave, he did it slowly, with some light body carresses, and some kisses, and we both were still a bit drunk (we had left the Cock only 3 hours prior), and as I stood in the hallway with him, me still naked, he grabbed me one last time, giggled and said "call me" and fished out a card, leaving it on the table. Gosh, I don't want to think about the complications of all those connections we share, just want to have that warm fuzzy body in my bed again... we'll see.