Monday, August 06, 2001

This is the noise that keeps me awake
My head explodes and my body aches

I am very very very excited about the new (did I say very excited?) GARBAGE single, androgyny. Too bad it's not out until the end of September. Version 2.0 was great, of course. Alot of memories are associated with that album, because I purchased the first single, Push It to give to my boyfriend (who dumped me that first time before I was able to give him the disc, so I mailed it with a concise, yet suitably pathetic, note). The Boom Boom Satellites Mix is perfect for blasting real loud, and crying uncontrollably - I strongly recommend it. Nearly every song on the album sounds like they wrote it just for me, especially the Pretenders homage, Special (and the Brothers In Rhthym Mix that really annoyed the hell out of my neighbors for several months after the 2nd Breakup) yeah, he actually broke my heart 3 times.... you'd think i couldn't go a whole blogging week without mentioning that!

Meanwhile, no reason to leave the apartment today, except to check mail and confirm that it's way way too hot to be out there. Last night was fun, a bit too much to explain, since I am still comtemplating the MEANING of it all (yeah, I'm still naive enough to think sex with strangers has MEANING). And tonight, I have a sexdate lined up; but at least we have already met in person, and he lives not too far, so I anticipate it should be fun.