Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Men Come First
That's the title of a film I've been trying to remember for years which revolves around a door-to-door salesman (played by Brian Granger) selling "marital aids". One of the few from the late 70's that used a good dose of humor (although no one except me was laughing in the porn theater!). The scene where he demonstrates their main product, Forever Hard, is soooo funny! He actually stands on the guys cock after applying the balm, to show how rigid your cock becomes. Gosh, I wish I could find that one. All I know is that it was produced by P.M. Productions, who also put out some great Jack Wrangler films. There's another scene where one of two lovers just can't seem to cum, and the salesman has them make love in front of him so he can analyze the problem. As they are fucking away, he takes out a bottle-rocket like aparatus, sticks it up the guy's ass, and of course, they cum like mad! George Payne (you may remember him from such films as Kiss Today Goodbye,Centurians of Rome, and Navy Blue ) is apparently in a "cameo", although I can't remember the scene.