Friday, August 10, 2001

If i don't count Sunday, I've had really good sex 3 times this week! Gosh, maybe staying out of the bars does more for me that just saving a few bucks. The first 2 were "just" sexdates.

Monday night's guy, we had met the previous week at the Anthology Archives for the showing of Arch Brown's The Night Before. This is the guy who took a bunch of pics - some are ok, some not too flattering (prooving once again, you ought not take a pic of yourself getting blown, pointing the camera down towards your partner will ALWAYS make you look fat!)

Wednesday was a 2nd sexdate with a very nice Frenchman - (is that an oxymoron, or am I the moron saying that?). We met some weeks back on line, he came here, we had a real nice time. This time I rode my bike UPTOWN (22nd and Park Ave) to his place. Gosh, he's handsome, hairy, nicely muscled but not overdone........and very very tactile. Very nice hands, light touch. We spent a lot of time "after" just talking, touching, lightly kissing. He seemed sorta sad that I left, although he didn't say so. We didn't explicity say "let's do it again" but it would be nice, maybe even a stay-over.

Last night was a "real date" - dinner and all. We came back here, I loaded a few tunes on Winamp, and we hugged, and kissed, and joked and giggled - shit like that for awhile. Eventually I dragged him in the other room, loaded the Vespertine disc in the player, and buried my face in this hairy cute boy. But gosh, does my body ache today! I've been having back and neck problems the past few weeks, due to my internet addiction and basic lack of exercise. So, last night, as yummy as it was, doing the old lying-on-my-back, perched-on-my-elbows, slurping-on-his-balls as he squatted over me might not have been the best idea (well, it was the best idea, but you know what I mean!) - But he's got the softest body hair, I just couldn't keep my hands, or mouth, off him!

But, alas, he had to go home to Brooklyn - work in the morning, and more importantly, a dog to take care of. He has a share out on Long Island somewhere, but mentioned he may stay in the city for the weekend...... (hmmmm!) After he left, I looked at a few web pages, saw how late it was (time flies......) and went back into the bedroom, put Vespertine back on, opened the blinds to see the beautiful golden half-moon was just peeking over the building next door, lighting up my bed. So, I just snuggled up in the spot where no doubt dozens of his bodyhairs had fallen, and had those nice thoughts you have after a great night............