Thursday, August 16, 2001

well, yesterday was a good day.

I could go on about my disappointment about not hearing from my "real date" (you know, planned ahead of time, dinner, talking, and then slurp slurp squish squish) of last week; but of course, it doesn't mean he won't EVER call, and then there are the possible complicating factors of why dating could be problematic (like, he works 20 hours a day, I don't do shit all day; we both dated the same guy some years back - not at the same time, but still, a bit incestuous, ya know?)....... anyway, no point in worrying about that when we haven't even gotten to the "phone call after the date" part, right?????

But, the good stuff, right? ....... "won" an auction for an old Francis Ellie video with Jack Wrangler (Killing Me Softly, where Jack realizes his new lover is actually a serial killer! the Brooklyn Bridge scene alone is worth the 20 bucks!) in the original P.M. Productions box, that I'm very excited about. Also got an invite to the beach for the weekend. While I'm not one of those "gotta get outta Manhattan" types - (I don't ride the subway, I rarely go above 14th street or west of 2nd avenue, but it is August, and really stinks here in the heat!) - it'll still be real nice to have some time near the ocean, and of course, spend time with my buddy Mark (who seems to get peeved each time I refer to him as "another fag" or "a fag" so, maybe THE FAG is better?) and how about a pic of him "partying" in the 80's? (and you're right, those aren't tacky gold buttons, but Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) ............ and what was the 3rd thing about yesterday that made me happy? damn! Oh yeah, sold a copy of BJ Does It Again, which I should be shipping out today along with some other stuff - yup, I love my local post office, and they love me..... gosh, must be the caffeine at 7 am, my body is NOT used to this! Time to get some more sleep.....