Thursday, March 28, 2002

and another thing...
emails. I've gotten some really great ones in the past few days, from folks who have some nice things to say. I have to admit, I'm not always good at getting back to folks, so if you haven't heard from me, or if an email was curt, nothing personal. I'm a slug. I slowly wake up, drinking coffee, surfing, etc, reading, but not really functional in terms of human interaction for several hours. So, just like Sister Bertrille, I am full of good intenetions, and sincerely mean to get to those emails, occasionally a few fall thru the crack, so forgive me, please. Also, I have this bad habit of deleting some spam-looking mail without opening, as I get a shitload from AOL and YAHOO addresses that appear to be penis-enlarging viagra-promoting Britneyspearsnudies, so if I accidentally deleted you, again, sorry. oh wait, I almost forgot this gem. Given the particulars, you might be able to understand why I never responded:

dear bj,
i am an 18 year old cute tight white bottom boy. i am a gay virgin from the tristate area. i think it would be a great timecapsole if i had my first time with a man taped. what do you think? i was wondering if i need acting expierence? i also kind of want a sceneraio for my first time: maybe two men on me (a jail scene), or a house boy scene. i don't own an enema, is that a problem? what about money? please respond!

yours truly,

p.s. i will fantasize about your stick popping my cherry...make it reality xxx

(yikes! I doubt this kid has read this blog, since CHERRY-POPPING isn't exactly on my to-do list, ya know. and, um, yeah, WHAT ABOUT MONEY???????)