Friday, March 01, 2002

".......In The William Higgins Tradition."
If you are familiar with that phrase, you've probably seen this film, The Boys of Venice, a 1978 gay porn flick starring Kip Knoll, Derrick Stanton, Eric Ryan, and a bunch of others. I know I've linked the Whiter Shade of Pale disco version from the film, some stills, etc. But this clip is from the famous disco dance-floor scene, where Kip first meets Emaunelle Bravos, and they both fantasize about doing it - no actual sex here folks (sorry, just s brief crotch-grab) but it's a great little clip, and I will be taking it down by midnight tonight, so as not to go way over on the whole BANDWIDTH thing (and probably put it back up over the weekend, once I check the stats, blah blah). Bonus points if you can identify the music (I've been trying to figure it out for years, perhaps it was original music for the film, which Higgins often used).